How We Like Portland Oregon So Far

On our home page we discussed just how much we really are enjoying Portland, but we wanted to go in depth here as to why that is.

    1. Portland feels like a very “homey” city. The architecture is very old and classic, so it feels like a city with some history.
    2. It’s relatively close to both Seattle, and Vancouver. I wouldn’t necessarily want to spend much time in either of those places- Seattle because of the rain, and Vancouver because it’s in Canada- but to get away for a bit, its nice to have those options.
    3. There’s a little place called Lan Su Chinese Garden which feels like an authentic Chinese garden. There’s a story to the garden, and I don’t want to spoil it, so definitely go and check that out!
    4. Powell’s Book Store is another must see in my book… Pun intended! You may be thinking, why would I want to go see a book store, but this particular one is literally a whole block long and they sell both new and used books. I’ve seen people spend extremely long periods of time in there, and it’s a good place to meet new book-worms.
    5. Something I have to mention because we are a brewing company, Portland is definitely known for its craft beers. You can do a walking tour of all of the breweries in Portland, which I highly recommend you do if you want to taste some wicked cool beers. (Shameless plug: come to NCBRewing on your tour 🙂 )

I can go on and on about my time in Portland so far, but I don’t want to bore any of you. Point is, we are happy here, and will be here for a long time. Oh, and come check out our brewery 🙂

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