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How We Got to Portland, Oregon

Nick & Chris' Oregon Brewing company arrived late in 2016, after spending the better part of five years in North Carolina.
Now we live in sweet Portland, and we are loving every second of it.

The Oregon Visionaries


Nick Anderson

Nick was raised in Canada by Alaskan parents and later moved to North Carolina to start his own brewery. But the journey of life led Nick to the great city of Portland, Oregon.


Chris Hemworth

Chris was raised in California, and was familiar with the whole west coast vibe, and when he decided to move to Portland, met Nick. The two thought it was a natural fit to partner up.

NCBrewing.org's New Home

portland oregon style name tags

Long Brews

When we start a new taste for a beer, you can expect 100% quality and craftsmanship. All new tastes are built from the ground up & take hundreds, upon hundreds of hours of testing.

Lumberjack Attitude

When we moved to Portland, we wanted our brewery to match the culture here. That's why we hired Name-Badges.com to help give our employees name tags that show our lumberjack attitude.

Masculine Taste

Portland gives off the vibe of being real woodsy. A hunter and gatherer mentality. That's why all our custom brews make you feel like you're the king of the forest. Bang on your chest. Ayo.

Our Life in Portland, OR

As New "Portlanders", we tried to get out there and experience everything the Western US has to offer.. If you're looking for some cool new experiences, take a gander at our video to the right to see everything Portland has to offer.

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